I, Myself And Me Again



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Concept and Choreography: Laborgras
Interactive System Design: Frieder Weiss
Music and Sound Design; Ralf Krause

Performers: Renate Graziadei, David Hernandez, Romeo Runa
Visual Operator: Arthur Stäldi


Laborgras website

Concept (as described by Laborgras)

The concept of the performance I, Myself And Me Again is a blending of real and virtual meeting rooms in a performance/installation context. The dancer, closed off from the virtual realm, encounters himself through the duplication of his own image from different perspectives and must continually contend with his virtual self and his own thereby constantly changing realities.

The dancer composes his personal experience throughout the performance, which will continue to update itself like a living diary. Everything that happens is documented and leaves traces. I dance and see, continue to reflect and dance at the same time; a continuous process of reaction and rearranging. I let myself and my constantly changing environment surprise me. The unexpected is awaiting me.

For the dancer as well as the audience, a smooth transition emerges between the existing real and virtual realities.

Engineers Notes:

The performance installation is technically a bit similar to the shadows performance. A video delay engine, in this case not just black and white, but color image. The system was set up that up to 4 layers of different delay stages can be overlayed in the video. For the initial version 4 systems and screens were used. Giving up to 16 self images of the performer it is quite a challenging setup, for the operator as well as for the performer. On top of that complexity, Laborgras asked me to implement quite long delay times (up to 5 minutes). A great joy for me was, that Arthur, one of the chorographers/dancers from laborgras was operating the system with a game pad interface.

Choreographers Notes


Performance History:

Premiered April, 3rd 2006, Akademie der Künste Berlin
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