Jenseits der Schatten



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Production: Opera Bonn
Composition; Vladimir Tarnopolski
Libretto by Ralph Günther Mohnau
Directed by: Robert Wechsler
Stage Design: Babis Panagiotidis
Interactive System Design: Frieder Weiss, Diana Wildschut
Dramaturgy: Jens Neundorff v. Enzberg

Music: Ensemble musicFabrik
Acting:  Wolfgang Jaroschka
Singers: Sibylle Hummel, Eva Resch, Julia Rutigliano, Reinhard Dingel, Holger Falk, Marek Kalbus
Dance: Gökce Ogultekin, Frey Faust


Plato's Cave Allegory is considered among philosophies greatest metaphors. The question it poses, if man is able cognize his own existence, stands at the center of this story. 

Vladamir Tarnopolsky is considered a premiere composer in Russia's avantgarde.

Engineers Notes:

Performance History:

The performance was shown in Sept 2006 at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn for 3 nights

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