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Type of work: Dance Epos, invented by Babis Panagiotidis
Choreography: Christoph Winkler
Produced by Hypecycle

Performers: Bettina Thiel, Gabrielle Reuter , Fleur Conlon, Janina Joyner, Joulia Strauss


Choreodyssee is a performance concept based on DJ Babiscloud thoughts about Homers Odyssee

Odysseus, who has lost the good will of gods, especially poseidon, is being sent away on a 10 year long journey. In the ChoreOdyssee performance we leave out the main character and focus on the other figures, all being women. No surprise. 9 out of 10 years Odysseus has been around women. Only women are presented with a individual character in our performance. Some of those prototype figures have shaped own terms in german like 'sirenenhaft', or 'becircen', describing a behaviour and character. In our ChoreOdyssee the actors charactors are defined through their individual dance style.