Last updated: Apr, 16. 2010


Download OSC Monitor

Here is a little WIndows program which monitors OSC messages and allows you to control your mousecursor via OSC. Maybe you want to play your computer games with EyeCons help. Or just technically monitor the OSC messages. Then this program might be useful. PC/Winodws only! Download here

Download EyeCon

EyeCon is available in a 30day trial version. After the trial period, you have to register it (and pay for it) if you wish to continue using it.

What you need:

- Current Windows PC with at least 1.5GHz for interactive sound and Midi, stronger computer recommended for interactive video output.

- Windows 2000, XP, Vista with at least Directshow 8.1 installed

- Video input device (Webcam or standard video camera) with WDM drivers. Older Video-for-windows drivers are not supported.

What we need:

- Please give us your feedback. We know there might be problems with some videoboards or webcams. Let us know!

What's new:

Version 1.69 introduces a few new features like face tracking capability. The installer supports installation on Microsoft VISTA now.

In case you want to use Eyecon to convert .Eye files (ETI Camcorder) into AVI, sorry, this program is not what you want!!!!!!!!

other downloads: