Media Control - Images

EyeCon can trigger WIndows Bitmap (.BMP) and JPEG Files (.jpg). To setup the appropriate mapping, select the 'Visual' tab in the element editor.

The simplest situation is if you have one Eyecon element, for example a touchline, triggering one image. Just type the full pathname in the filename field or press the 'Browse' button to find your image file.

As soon as the Eyecon element is triggered, the image will appear on the visual canvas.



The 'Stretch' checkbox enables resizing your image to allways fit the size of your canvas

The 'Def' selector determines what happens, if the touchline is no longer triggered, you can select between 'no change', 'black' or an indexed filename, which will be explained below.



Indexed file names

You might have the idea to map different positions along your touchline with different images. You can use indexed filenames to achieve that. Lets assume your image files are called image2.jpg, image3.jpg through image6.jpg. Now you need to set up a placeholder in the filename field which represents the varying indices along your touchlines. In our example you would use '%d' as a placeholder. You also have to select the start and end index in the 'From' and 'To' boxes. Eyecon will calculate the displayed image index according to the triggered position along your touchline. Remember that you can use all the possible EyeCon element types (fields, trackers) in the same way.

With indexed file names you can also select a certain image index which would be triggered after the Eyecon element is no longer triggered. type the default index into the 'Def' field.


EyeCon elements


Option: Increment

A variation of the use of indexed file names is the increment feature. It simply means that the used index is not determined by the position along your touchline. Whenever you trigger the touchline an internal index counter would be incremented. This feature could be used to make slideshows being triggered by touchlines.


Other formatting options

Image files are often numbered using indeces with trailing zeros. To achieve this you have to use a different placeholder. Replace the '%d' with '%4.4d' if your numbers are formatted being allways 4 digits length (example DSC0002.jpg). Change the format placeholder according to your needs.