Last updated: Mar, 10. 2013

Opensoundcontrol (OSC) related software



Linking different media systems has become a central task in making interactive systems, installations and programming. Opensoundcontrol is a versatile protocol which is well suited for those applications. I developed a few simple tools which helped me to use OSC more effectively and i want to share with you.


OSC - Monitor, a simple Windows executable allowing to log OSC messages and analyse their content. supports filtering and echoing of messages now (2013) and yes, there has been a problem in the early 2013 version which now is fixed!

OSC - Cursor, a program which allows you to take over mouse and keyboard through OSC messages

OSC - ActiveX, documentation found here

OSC - Delphi Component, please use the ActiveX documentation, applies to delphi component as well.

OSC - DLL static library which allows to receive OSC messages, originally used for a Halflife2 OSC Mod.