A wishing well on a norwegian parking lot
Concept: Phase-7
Interactive System Design: Frieder Weiss


Phase7 website

Engineers Notes:

The big engineering in this installation are the harsh conditions, being installed in a parking lot in Norway, outdoors in cold and wet wheather and up for several months. The installation has to take into account that the camera is mounted on a high pole, shaking in the wind, with rain in front of the camera etc. Only some of the typically used interactive tricks can be used, they are only sensitive to body movement, if you are not moving, the interactive visuals vanish quickly.

We had some issues with the durability of the LED panels, between the danger of being overheated and problems related to the high humidity outdoors. The floor had to be taken apart several times and due to failure of some panels it was also getting smaller over time. The manufacturer was also equipping the opening of the 2008 Olympics in Peking with a large LED floor. After the opening on Aug 8, 2008 part of it was shipped to norway to replace the previously installed Onskebronn LED floor.

Installation History:

The first phase of the installation lasted from January til June 2008, due to the huge success it was then extended for the time September to December 2008
The LED floor is having some design and manufacturing problems and is now being repaired in China. We hope to bring the installation to Berlin and other cities in 2010.

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